February 2016

Heather Hatcher

Heather Hatcher

PTA and DOR at JT Champion/RP White

Heather Hatcher, PTA and DOR at JT Champion/RP White, has been married to her husband, Ben, for almost 13 years. They have two children: Eli, who will be turning 11, and Scarlett, who will be turning 5 in March. They also have 3 pets- Deucey, their 14 year old cat, LuLu, their young rescue pit bull, and Grover, their other rescue pit bull who is deaf. They live in her hometown of Enterprise, Mississippi. Heather stays busy taking pictures and cheering on Eli during baseball, football, and also during his middle school band concerts. Scarlett participates in horse shows and soon will start her first season of t-ball. As an active member of Enterprise United Methodist church, she is on several committees and her duties there have greatly increased since the recent fire that completely destroyed their church building. They are currently in the process of rebuilding.

Heather serves as team captain with Relay for Life in Clarke County. She formed a team in memory of her lifelong friend, Janna Daugherty Pearson, after she was lost non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2013. She coordinates a memorial 5K each year in Enterprise in memory of Janna, with the proceeds going into a college trust that was established after her death, for her three children.

Heather graduated from the PTA program at Meridian Community College in 1999 and began working with Quality Care and Rehab that year, which is where Joyce Bates was a director at the time. She has been with the Bates’ since 1999 and was already onboard when it became The Summit Health and Rehab in 2001. Heather says, “What I enjoy about Summit is that they stress the importance of caring for the patients over everything else. The productivity and the numbers are also important, but at the end of the day, it‘s what we do to help the residents we care for that matters the most. We have an awesome therapy team at JT Champion and RP White and I absolutely love working in the nursing homes! I commend all pediatric therapists but I never ever want to be one! I love my elderly patients and I’ve been honored to hold the hands of some of the most amazing souls God ever placed on this Earth and smile with them during their final year’s here- that’s why I do what I do.”