May 2016

Sophie Champagne-Black

Sophie Champagne-Black

Occupational Therapist

Sophie Champagne-Black is an Occupational Therapist and Director of Rehab at The Mississippi State Veterans Home of Kosciusko. Originally from Canada, she graduated in 1994 from OT school at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. After being unable to find work, she left Canada in 1995 to work at The Methodist Rehab in Jackson, Mississippi.

She met her husband, Robert, in Jackson and they have been married for 17 years. They moved to Memphis and lived there for about 7 years before moving back to Kosciusko. Sophie has been working with The Summit at VA Kosciusko ever since.

She and Robert have 3 children: Andrea, 17, who will be a senior at Kosciusko High School next year; Brandon, 15, who will be a sophomore at Kosciusko High School; and Cooper, 11, who will be in the 6th grade at Kosciusko Junior High School.

The family stays busy going to ball games where Andrea cheers and Brandon & Cooper play baseball. Sophie also enjoys running almost every morning before work and doing a few races.

She and her husband Joey have been married for fourteen years. Macie has 2 daughters: Avery, who turns 20 in May, and Alec, who is 11. Avery is a sophomore at Tulane University in New Orleans and Alec is in 5th grade at Claiborne Elementary.

As for hobbies, she and her girls run races. Macie, Alec, and her niece Brittany have run in one 5k per month since October of 2014. That’s 18 races! They did their first 10k this past March and ran their first half marathon last week. Avery did her first half marathon in February in New Orleans. Her other hobby is keeping up with Alec and her extracurricular activities such as tennis, piano lessons and art classes.