Brandy Smith
OTR/L, Mississippi Area Manager

With the change of season comes the motivation to clean up and clean out and replace the old with the new.  I instantly become inspired to fill boxes and trash bags as I open every window in my house to welcome the energized spring air.  However, the spring season doesn’t have to be just about cleaning and reorganizing your home from top-to-bottom- it’s also a great time to start healthy new habits head-to-toe and make positive changes to improve your well-being.  The spring season brings more opportunity to get outdoors and increase physical activity.  The longer days and milder temperatures make this the ideal time to “spring clean” your health habits! 

Here are a few ideas on how to spring forward and create greater health and happiness for yourself during this spring season:

Start an Exercise Routine:  The warmer weather and longer days make for a perfect combination to get active outside. Everyone can benefit from the activities that come along with nicer weather, just remember not to overdo it.  Allow your body time to get used to active lifestyle. If you become too sore, you are less likely to continue. 

Drink More Water: Staying well hydrated will keep you energized and help ward off fatigue.  Have plenty of water on-hand to stay hydrated as the temperature rises and your activity increases.  It is recommended to increase your water intake by 12 oz. for every 30 minutes of exercise.

Time for a Check-up:  Spring is a great time to get a comprehensive checkup.  Not only is a check-up beneficial for good medical care, but it also can give you a good overall view on the best ways to care for yourself and family.

Simplify your life and your Health goals:  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by advice on preventing chronic diseases and optimizing your health.  Prioritize a few healthy habits and set simple, straightforward, and achievable goals for yourself that fit into your life.

Inspire yourself:  Be a learner and actively seek information to bring the greatest benefit from your health spring cleaning.  Ask people you know for advice and be aware of others and their fitness, happiness, and the serenity in your own life.

Renew Relationships:  Research has shown that good, strong relationships benefit your overall health and happiness.  Schedule regular outings and spend time with people you love.

Stay Positive:  People who have bright outlooks on life generally have fewer health problems and live longer than those who have a more dismal view on life.  Make an effort to recognize what you have to be grateful for and the things that make you happy...