Creative Therapy Competition

By Sydni Boyd
Director of Business Development and Marketing

Experts in rehab, Excelling in service- it’s what we do and who we are. At The Summit Rehab, we are always pushing ourselves to think outside the box and explore better ways to serve both our clients and our customers. Part of that initiative is our Creative Therapy Competition, in which we periodically challenge our therapy teams to be consciously creative when developing new techniques to treat their patients.

Each team is given a bag with random “non-therapy” items in it and then asked to take these tools and use them to create  new, innovative ways to administer treatment to a patient that is both interesting and effective. After sharing team submissions across our company, our clients, customers, and fellow co-workers have enjoyed seeing progress made. They have inspired one another to not get stuck in a rut, but continuously grow and develop as professionals and clinicians.

At Summit corporate, we always love to see the results of our therapy teams’ creative thinking and reward those who place in the top three with a cash prize to use towards therapy in their facility. Here are our first, second, and third place winners with their submissions for The Summit Rehab’s Spring 2017 Creative Therapy Competition:

First place: The Oaks Nursing Home in Monroe, Louisiana

The therapy team at The Oaks Nursing Home made an impressive video showing two activities they created using items from the bag we distributed: a ruler, bag of beans, plastic forks, kitchen tongs, and a deck of cards. These therapy exercises were used to improve fine motor control and coordination, grasping and release, hand/eye coordination, visual scanning, and range of motion.

For the first exercise, they attached the ruler and forks upright to a board and put rings around the ruler. Using a kitchen tong, the patient would pick up the rings and transfer them from the ruler to forks that were different lengths away from the ruler.

For the second exercise, the team developed an easily customizable exercise for OT, PT, and ST by making activity direction cards with a plain deck of cards that was provided. The patient draws four cards and places them in a card holder (fork), then matches the suit of their card to the corresponding suit on the activity card telling them how many beans to pick up and drop in the container.

Second place: Colonel Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home in Pell City, Alabama

The therapy team at Colonel Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home developed three different activities, but our favorite was Royal Catapult because it utilized all of the materials in the bag that we distributed to them. The objective was to use the catapult (made of the ruler and kitchen tongs) to hit targets (cards) with the beans. The therapist asks the client to stand while working on balance, as well as sit to complete the exercise. The therapist can also work on concentration with their client by asking them to hit a specific card.

Third place: The Summit Outpatient Clinic in Summit, Mississippi

The therapy team at The Summit Outpatient Clinic created two different activities, but the one pictured here is a relay. The patient participated in this relay to challenge and improve her balance.  The therapist had the patient straddle the ruler and line up her toes with the cards, while keeping two beans balanced on a fork as she moved forward to the finish line.

Great job to these three teams, as well as the other Summit Rehab therapy teams who participated in this round of our Creative Therapy Competition. You truly are Experts in rehab, Excelling in service!