Why Not Physical Therapy?

Rebecca Newman, PT, DPT

You may say why physical therapy? I say WHY NOT PHYSICAL THERAPY?!

It’s not only an opportunity to be examined by an experienced expert in the fields of movement, pain relief, recovery from injury or surgery, and overcoming neurological effects of different diseases at all ages, but also having a rehab routine planned specifically for you or your family member’s needs.

And that’s just stating the obvious- PT is also an opportunity for screening because through weekly visits one-on-one with our therapists, we can take a look into your health as a whole. So many times in my career, I have noticed or caught on to other symptoms that the patient didn’t realize was happening or maybe never told the doctor about because they didn’t see the two things as being connected. Simply put, PT will reduce health complications, decrease fall risks, prevent further injury and, at times, avoid surgery.

But hold on, we can’t forget the kiddos! PT plays a tremendous role in the diagnosis of children with any suspected developmental deficits. If there’s a doubt if a child is on track or not, a PT is an integral part of the treatment team. Our therapists use milestones as the guide to achieving all the stepping stones for the child to become as independent as possible. This can be an injury to a single body part, an acquired disease in childhood or possibly from birth. Regardless of the source, the PT has a keen perspective that allows for much less delay in growth when things are caught early.

The reasons are endless as to why PT will be beneficial for you or your family member. It’s part of health insurance coverage, it’s personal, it’s intentional, and it’s a way to have a motivated, knowledgeable professional bring out the patient’s best potential. The reasons why not… I just can’t seem to find any!

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