Therapist with older woman.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Ryan McDonald, LOTR

Occupational Therapists provide interventions to help people better participate in their daily activities, or “occupations.”  From pediatrics to geriatrics, these interventions are almost limitless and encompass the entire lifespan.  An OT can provide exercises and activities to assist in decreased range of motion and strength so that a client can feed, dress, and bathe themselves.  They can also provide education on environmental modifications, medication management, and community participation activities.  They assist with wheelchair positioning, splinting, and fall prevention. OTs are often involved with children of any age to address mobility, sensory, social, cognitive, or any other deficit.

When a client is referred to Occupational Therapy, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to identify what is important to the client, identify deficits and limitations, and set client-centered goals. A treatment plan is created and is carried out by the OT or OT Assistant (often called a COTA – Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant). The client’s progress is monitored throughout the treatment process and goals are frequently adapted and updated to fit the client. The client’s progress is frequently communicated to their physician, as well.

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