Peak Healthcare

In addition, we offer other benefits to families, patients, facilities and physicians including:Our Nurse Practitioners act as physician extenders on behalf of the resident’s physician. As a result, higher levels of clinical care are available more often than just having physician rounding.

  • Partnering with a third party billing company so the facility and physicians do not have any added billing responsibilities
  • No negative impact on the physician’s billing
  • 24/7 call for the physician which results in decreased phone calls and faxes (allows physician to focus more on their clinic—if they have one)
  • Support staff consists of administrative assistant


“The benefits of having a Nurse Practitioner onsite on a weekly basis (or more if needed) and being on-call 24/7 has been very beneficial to our nursing staff and staff physicians. They are very professional and courteous to our staff and residents and have contributed greatly to the well-being of our residents. I would definitely recommend Peak Healthcare to those who may be considering the addition of a Nurse Practitioner to their team of care givers.”


“Utilizing the services of a nurse practitioner to help care for my nursing home patients has given me more time and freedom to concentrate on my clinic and has in no way negatively impacted my billing.”


We value our partnerships with an array of dynamic healthcare organizations across the Southeast.